LeadPick is the premiere lead program of Virtual Office Systems, a company that has been serving salespeople and business owners for nearly a decade.

Our Mission

The Mission of LeadPick is to empower independent business owners, salespeople and distributors to reach their goals by providing the best people to talk to, the best tools for follow up, and the best training in the industry.

Our Story

Our story comes in three parts. First is the story of Mark Helsel, our President. After graduating from college and entering the corporate world Mark quickly realized that he was not cut out to be an employee. Not surprisingly, he found his niche in network marketing where the freedom of time and unlimited earning potential were exactly what Mark was all about. He quickly used his motivation, communication skills and positive attitude to become the leader of a large organization in Germany for an international company. In spite of Mark's success, something always bothered him. He saw many networkers fail because they were never able to develop a strong base of customers for their businesses. In 1999, back in the United States, Mark set out with partner David Glickman to find a way to get customers on a large scale.

The second part of the story is what Mark and Dave discovered when they embarked on this journey to find customers. Using a basic version of the system we now have, Mark and Dave attracted more than 200,000 potential customers in less than six months! Unfortunately, 200,000 was a number too high for Mark and Dave to personally follow up with, but it did prove that millions of interested consumers could be found on the Internet. This resulted in a passion to continue to find these prospects on the Internet, but also to have a system that helps manage large numbers of prospects. Virtual Office Systems was officially founded in 2000, and has been the customer acquisition system chosen by thousands.

The third part of the story is more recent. Over the years, Virtual Office Systems has provided excellent training and useful follow-up tools. However, Mark and Dave saw an opportunity to extend their leads, tools and training into more industries as well as provide diverse lead types and cutting edge follow up tools. Their commitment to create the most comprehensive affordable customer acquisition system in the sales industry resulted in LeadPick. LeadPick is a well thought out strategy and system developed to help salespeople, business owners and networkers all find the right people to talk to, follow-up efficiently, and close the deal effectively.

Our Team

Both Mark and Dave are gifted communicators who possess a keen understanding and profound expertise based on their own experiences and successes. Both have a deep working knowledge of sales and networking. They share a fundamental passion to help their customers achieve real and ongoing success with LeadPick. They have surrounded themselves with a top-notch team of support representatives, programmers, trainers, and other professionals who work hard to help our customers develop successful businesses and sales organizations.

Our corporate offices are located in the city of Altoona, surrounded by the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of south-central Pennsylvania, where Mark, Dave and most of their team make their homes.

Matt Garber - Director of Operations

Matt first started with Virtual Office Systems in 2002 as their first dedicated customer service representative, and has been intimately involved in the system development since 2003. Matt wears a number of hats at VOS, working on new business projects, marketing, strategic planning and system development. He and his wife, Christina, have four children.
Caryn Kubat - Operations Manager

A graduate of Clarion University, Caryn started her career as a chemist. After moving to Central Pennsylvania, she joined Virtual Office Systems in late 2005. She serves as the Operations Manager, overseeing the Member Support, Communications and Development teams. Caryn and her husband, Scott, have one son.
Cindy Melley - Business Manager

Cindy has been working with Co-Founder Dave Glickman for 15 years and has been a part of VOS since its inception. As the Business Manager, she wears many hats and is an essential part of the day to day life of VOS. She oversees Billing, Accounting, Personnel and Human Resources, as well as serving on our senior management team. Cindy and her husband, Dan, have two grown sons and two grandsons.
Josh Garber - Project Manager

Josh started as a programmer for VOS in the summer of 2002, and later became Virtual Office Systems' front line support person. Currently he serves as Project Manager. In that role, Josh manages projects and tasks being worked on by our development team, including new features and new client setup. On the side, Josh is an avid darts player and plays in numerous tournaments and competitions.
Carol Stevanus - Director of Communications

Carol is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a specialized degree in Professional Writing. She began her career at VOS in Member Support. As Director of Communications, she manages our email communications, website text, and newsletters as well as playing an integral part in furthering communications with our members. Carol and her husband, Denny, have three children.
Merrilee Cross - Member Support Representative

Merrilee retired from a 30 year career in nursing with Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. She joined VOS in March of 2007. She plays an important role in the technical and data processing aspects of VOS. She also provides active support for members on a daily basis. She and her husband, have one grown son.
Todd Parker - Member Support Representative

Todd joined the VOS Member Support Team in late 2007. After attending Penn State University, he worked for over a decade at Staples. As our front line support member during the first part of the day, Todd takes good care of our members, addressing a vast array of questions and help. He and his wife, Kim, have two children.
Carol Raynor Training Specialist

Carol started with VOS in 2002. She is the trainer for the Monday Night System Training and loves teaching people all the wonderful features of their back office. She serves as co-moderator during the Thursday Night Sales and Marketing Training. Carol further enhances the team by serving intermittently as a support representative in the evenings. She and her husband John live in beautiful Virginia with their dog Coco.

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